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I love luxury items. And I love good bargains.
I believe in occasional indulgence.
But I believe even more in $$ wisdom.
Here at luxedream, let us help you Indulge Wisely...

Welcome to Luxedream!

We are big fans of Chanel, and we would like to offer you our services to bring in 100% brand new and authentic Chanel bags, direct from Chanel boutiques overseas. Enjoy savings of up to S$600 off the retail price in Singapore!

Please see our terms and conditions, as well as FAQ at the bottom of the page.

19 April 2013


Due to work commitment, we have stopped conducting sprees for Chanel bags. 
But we are happy to help fellow Chanel fans with queries or authentication or just simply chat about our favourite bags. :)

Thank you for all your support over the years. 
Cheers! :)

08 February 2010

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Latest Promotion!

Luxedream Chanel Spree Promotion

Receive a FREE bottle of Meltonian Leather Cleaner & Conditioner with every pre-order Chanel bag!

Keep your precious babies beautiful with this leather conditioner specially imported from USA. 
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Pre-order Procedure
Step 1: Email us your desired bag specifications. We will be in touch with you within 24h.
Step 2: Place a deposit of $500 to confirm your order.
Step 3: When the bag arrives in Singapore, please make full payment and collect your bag within 7 days.

[We accept fund transfer for the $500 deposit. Alternatively, you may send us a cheque or drop by our residence to pass the deposit to us directly.]

Waiting time is typically 3-4 weeks upon payment of deposit. Please see our terms and conditions, as well as FAQ at the bottom of our website.

Chanel Pre-Order Prices

Classic Flap

East West Baguette
Style Code: A35731
Dimensions: 10” x 5.5” x 2”
Caviar:  (Retail: $3400) 
Lambskin: (Retail: $3780) 

Medium Flap
Style Code: A01112
Dimensions: 10” x 6” x 2.5”
Caviar: (Retail: $4330) 
Lambskin:  (Retail: $4790) 

Jumbo Flap
Style Code: A28600
Dimensions: 12” x 8” x 3”
Caviar:  (Retail: $4880) 
Lambskin:  (Retail: $5350) 

Maxi Flap
Style Code: A47600
Dimensions: 13” x 9” x 4”
Caviar:  (Retail: $5460) 
Lambskin: (Retail: $5890) 

2.55 Reissue

Medium Reissue (226)
Style Code: A37587
Dimensions: 11” x 8” x 2.5”
Distressed Calfskin: (Retail: $5350) 

Large Reissue (227)
Style Code: A37590
Dimensions: 12” x 7.5” x 3.75”
Distressed Calfskin:  (Retail: $5800)

Classic Tote

Grand Shopping Tote (GST)
Style Code: A50995
Dimensions: 13” x 10” x 5.25”
Caviar:  (Retail: $3900) 
Medallion Tote
Style Code: A01804
Dimensions: 11.5” x 10” x 5.5”
Caviar: (Retail: $3750) 

04 February 2010

"Refer a Friend" Campaign

From now till 31 March 2010, we invite all our
existing customers to take part in our "Refer a Friend" Campaign.

For every new customer that you introduce to us, you will be entitled
to a S$50 credit voucher that can be used to off-set your next Chanel bag purchase!

A maximum of 2 credit vouchers can be used simultaneously, and this is ON TOP of any promotion we have at that point of time. Vouchers are valid for
1 year from date of issue and can only be used for pre-orders of items on our price list.