Indulge Wisely!

I love luxury items. And I love good bargains.
I believe in occasional indulgence.
But I believe even more in $$ wisdom.
Here at luxedream, let us help you Indulge Wisely...

Welcome to Luxedream!

We are big fans of Chanel, and we would like to offer you our services to bring in 100% brand new and authentic Chanel bags, direct from Chanel boutiques overseas. Enjoy savings of up to S$600 off the retail price in Singapore!

Please see our terms and conditions, as well as FAQ at the bottom of the page.

19 April 2013


Due to work commitment, we have stopped conducting sprees for Chanel bags. 
But we are happy to help fellow Chanel fans with queries or authentication or just simply chat about our favourite bags. :)

Thank you for all your support over the years. 
Cheers! :)